The Ultimate List of Features Content Creators Want on YouTube

Published on: 2023-03-31 | Author: Editor

Content creators on YouTube are the lifeblood of the platform, creating engaging and interesting content that keeps viewers coming back for more. While YouTube has evolved over the years to offer more features and tools for creators, there are still some key features that are missing that would help creators better connect with their audiences and monetize their content.

One of the most important features that creators want on YouTube is improved community tools. In order to build a strong community on YouTube, creators need tools that allow them to easily engage with their audience and build a sense of loyalty and connection.

One tool that many creators would like to see on YouTube is a better comments section. While YouTube has made some improvements to the comments section in recent years, many creators still struggle to manage the high volume of comments they receive. Some creators have resorted to turning off comments entirely, while others struggle to find the time to respond to every comment.

To address this issue, YouTube could introduce better filtering and moderation tools for comments, making it easier for creators to manage and respond to comments. This could include features such as automated filtering based on keywords, more granular control over comment moderation, and the ability to respond to multiple comments at once.

Another tool that would be valuable for creators is better messaging and communication tools. Many creators receive a large volume of messages from fans and other creators, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. To help with this, YouTube could introduce a unified messaging system that allows creators to easily communicate with their fans and collaborators in one place.

This messaging system could also include features such as message templates, quick replies, and the ability to tag messages for easy organization. This would help creators save time and stay on top of their messages, allowing them to focus more on creating content and building their community.

Another area where YouTube could improve its community tools is in the area of collaboration. While there are some collaboration tools on YouTube, such as the ability to feature other channels on your own channel, many creators would like to see more robust collaboration features.

One potential feature could be a dedicated collaboration platform that allows creators to easily find and connect with other creators in their niche. This platform could include features such as a search function for finding other creators, the ability to send collaboration requests, and tools for managing the logistics of a collaboration.

Another potential collaboration feature could be the ability to co-create content with other creators directly on the platform. This could be done through a shared editing interface that allows multiple creators to work on the same video at the same time, or through a collaboration feature that allows creators to contribute their own footage or clips to a video.

Improved community tools on YouTube would also benefit creators by helping them build stronger relationships with their audience. One way to do this would be through improved engagement features, such as the ability to run polls or surveys directly on the platform.

These polls and surveys could be used to gather feedback from viewers on a wide range of topics, from the type of content they want to see to the products they would like to buy. This would allow creators to get a better understanding of their audience and tailor their content to better meet their needs and preferences.

Another engagement feature that would be valuable for creators is the ability to run live events directly on the platform. While YouTube already supports live streaming, there are still some limitations to the platform that make it difficult to create truly interactive live events.

To address this, YouTube could introduce more robust live event features, such as the ability to run interactive Q&A sessions, polls, and quizzes during a live stream. This would help creators better engage with their audience during live events and build a stronger sense of community.

Finally, improved community tools on YouTube would benefit creators by helping them monetize their content more effectively. One way to do this would be through better merchandising and e-commerce tools on the platform. While YouTube already offers some merchandising and e-commerce features, such as the ability to sell merchandise directly from your channel, there is still room for improvement.

For example, YouTube could introduce a more robust e-commerce platform that allows creators to sell a wider range of products, such as digital products like eBooks or courses. This platform could also include features such as a shopping cart and the ability to offer discounts or promotions to viewers.

Improved e-commerce tools would not only help creators generate more revenue, but it would also allow them to offer more value to their audience. By selling digital products, for example, creators could provide their audience with even more helpful and engaging content while also generating additional income.

Another way YouTube could help creators monetize their content is by introducing more advertising options. While YouTube already offers advertising options for creators, many creators feel that the platform could do more to help them earn revenue from their content.

One potential advertising option could be the ability to sell sponsorships or ad placements directly to brands. This would allow creators to work with brands on a more customized basis, creating sponsored content that is tailored to their audience and fits seamlessly into their channel.

Another potential advertising option could be the ability to create and sell your own ads directly to advertisers. This would allow creators to take more control over their advertising revenue and create ads that are more relevant and engaging for their audience.

Overall, improved community tools and monetization options on YouTube would help creators build stronger relationships with their audience and generate more revenue from their content. By introducing features that make it easier to engage with fans, collaborate with other creators, and monetize content, YouTube can help creators succeed and grow their channels on the platform.


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